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Orbit Reader 20 /Orbit 20 Plus Fitted Leather Case with straps by Turtleback

Orbit Reader 20 /Orbit 20 Plus Fitted Leather Case with straps by Turtleback

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Introducing the Turtleback case made for the Orbit/Orbit 20 Plus, a meticulously crafted leather case designed to securely hold your unit in place. This custom form-fitted case enables Orbit 20 Plus users to easily utilize their note taker with convenience. The case includes a comfortable shoulder strap, providing a secure way to transport your unit while in transit. The face of the unit is protected by a zipper pocket cover that can be opened or closed using magnetic closures. When necessary, the zipper pocket cover can be flipped to the rear and securely fastened under the unit, allowing users to utilize the note taker while walking. The spacious zipper pocket uses expandable fabric and is designed to store earbuds and other items, ensuring their security and protection. The case is thoughtfully designed to enable users to utilize their Orbit/Orbit 20 Plus while the case remains on. Equipped with durable black plastic hooks, it enhances security, durability, and safety. Turtleback proudly continues its tradition of creating functional, durable, and visually appealing fitted cases. Rest assured, this case is proudly assembled in USA with imported leather It is compatible with both the Orbit and the new Orbit 20 Plus units.

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